Hyro Truck IX

A mobile interactive 360 degrees immersive experience on wheels that includes wall touch, voice control, and live software demos.
a memorable (corona-proof) brand experience at their doorstep

Your goal

As a business, you want to share your stories in an inspiring way. A way that sets you aside from the mass. Conference rooms are not considered to be inspiring or innovative. You need new ways to capture people’s attention, and you want to amaze your clients by offering them a memorable (corona-proof) brand experience at their doorstep while putting them at the centre of your story.

Andreas and Laura inside the Hyro Truck IX

The solution

What is it?

The Hyro Truck IX is a mobile interactive 360 degrees experience on wheels that includes features such as wall touch, voice control, and live demos. It immerses visitors in spectacular video and audio experiences in a 20m2 innovation lab that can be parked at any preferred location. The (corona-proof) Hyro Truck IX is a concept by Purple, who created the unique production by developing the technology and producing the spherical 360 degrees content. 

Hyro running in the Hyro Truck IX

How does it work?

The Hyro Truck IX can be rented for a limited period or even custom produced for any company. Recently SAP rented this truck for a 3 year campaign in Middle and Eastern Europe.

Inside, visitors are surrounded by custom-made spheric videos, imagery, animations, and special effects. The system is controlled remotely via a tablet or a large multi-touch interactive table. The sessions are easily moderated via the Hyro Storytelling Software. Besides preloaded content in the control system, moderators are also able to upload their own material and present it in multi-layer projection mode. The 3D model is optional and can be applied to steer through the content chapters and topics. 

At various locations, you can think of visits to universities, prospects and clients.


The Hyro Truck IX is used for various purposes: From VIP presentations, sales pitches, product training, onboarding employees or team members to strategic decision-making processes and creative sessions. At various locations, you can think of visits to universities, prospects and clients. All at their doorstep.  


The Hyro Truck IX is a great solution to the challenge of offering your customers an immersive experience during the limiting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Purple they organise a Truck Roadshow to showcase all the truck’s capabilities at your location and discuss how you may use them for your audience. Here you can find more information regarding the tour.


By taking your audience on a customized visual journey, they’ll remember more than just your brand: you will impress them with an unforgettable and memorable experience. An experience that creates a long-lasting positive connection with your brand.

An immersive room helps to uplift the power of your brand, by shortening the sales cycles, increasing deal sizes, improving customer relations and streamline important decision making processes.

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