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SAP Truck - Immersive experience on the move




Eastern Europe

Hardware setup




SAP Intelligent Enterprise Truck

The first immersive experience project for this multinational software corporation was very successful. The concept of an immersive experience room has proven its value for multiple purposes, such as VIP presentations, product trainings, employee on-boarding, sales pitches and strategic decision making processes.

Mobile Immersive Experience that runs on Hyro Storytelling Software

In order to bring the experience closer to their clients, the immersive experience was now integrated in a truck trailer. This mobile version not only includes a mobile immersive experience room, but offers extra innovation showcases such as machine learning, blockchain tech, and internet of things demos to the doorstep of the audience, by means of the mobile Innovation Lab.

"This experience transforms the way we engage with our customers."

Mark Raben

Chief Technology Officer MEE, SAP

Innovation on the move

The main purpose of the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Truck is to show in a revolutionary way how the latest SAP technology can look in the daily business of their clients. They immerse multiple visitors in their story of new technologies like machine learning, blockchain and the Internet of Things. The award-winning concept inspires their clients in how to use their solutions. With Hyro Storytelling Software they create spectacular video and audio experiences for individual scenarios. They can reuse stories for various industries and easily customize them in the CMS. By using web applications in their presentations, they give live demos of their software. Presentations are controlled via an oversized multi-touch table, on which a 3D model is displayed of a city. The city is divided in industries and every industry triggers a scene of the story. To add some extra engagement, visitors can also upload their own material and present these in multi-layer projection mode on each wall in the room. And all of that in a truck trailer.


Truck partner


AV partner

Bourgonje B.V.


Mark Raben

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