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In the Holosuite of Microsoft digital transformation is truly brought to life.
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Microsoft Holosuite

Microsoft launched a completely new experience together with their partners in the Customer Experience Center in its office at Schiphol: the Holosuite. This space is the basis for a groundbreaking new way of storytelling, where digital transformation is truly brought to life in a 360° experience. This special immersive experience room is powered by the Hyro storytelling software, and the launching content was produced by the Purple Creative Innovators.


Microsoft wanted its customers to experience digital transformation, to synthesizing the complex and making them part of a real story.


For Microsoft, this immersive technology offers many possibilities. For instance, smart technologies are used to connect the physical world with new digital developments. By using advanced, interactive 360° projections and mixed reality experiences, the Holosuite offers the opportunity to show specific industry scenarios in practice. This fully immersive experience completely surrounds visitors in their own environment, in their own story. The Holosuite presents a wide range of industry scenarios based on real customer cases, including those from the Johan Cruijff Arena, Oasen Water, the Vechtdal College, Tata Steel, Bilfinger, Nedap, the Royal BAM and a collaborative project of the Center for Innovation of the LUMC and Leiden University.

Tailor made control tabel interface
Immersed by Schiphol Airport


We use Hyro in our Holosuite, which would allow us to easily create content ourselves and help us create new scenarios easily. The experience offers a completely new way of storytelling; a 360° interactive screen, onto which you can showcase stories. Visitors are fully surrounded in the environment of the customer scenario, letting them experience scenarios in a completely unique way.


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