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The Innovation Room is an innovative, digital hub for employees and IFS customers.
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The Innovation Room of IFS

When IFS opened their new flagship office for Europe in London, they intended it to be an innovative, digital hub for employees and IFS customers. Besides, it had to be a place that showcases their impressive growth and new strategy. With these intentions in mind, IFS decided to integrate an Innovation Room into their office.

How to show customers you’re a digital, innovative software company achieving growth while the office fails to show for it?


With the creation of the IFS Innovation Room, IFS is able to invite customers to their site while underlining their company story and different types of software in the best possible way. Starting with a personalized 3D environment based around IFS’s 5 top industries, the immersive experience allows for customers to really step and immerse into the World of IFS.

The IFS Innovation Room, brand story
Racing Point Formula 1 play-seat set up at IFS


“The Hyro Storytelling Software enables us to easily create and show presentations, any time, anywhere and in the blink of an eye. Even if we’re not in the office, the software allows us to cater to our customers’ needs and explain our software in a captivating way.”


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