Introducing Hyro storytelling software portable solutions.
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Tell stories that

are visual.
improve collaboration.
create opportunities.
build trust.
your customers love.
increase engagement.
reduce cost.
inspire change.

boost sales.
improve collaboration. create opportunities. build trust.
your customers love.
increase engagement. reduce cost.
inspire change.

Use digital storytelling software to create visually stunning stories that stand out.
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Save time

on content creation
Icon of a Dollar sign with a rising graph line underneath, visualizing making money.

Make money

and shorten sales cycles
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Build trust

by increasing engagement

Digital storytelling.
Grab attention.
Amaze your customers.

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Glasses. Different goggles can make a lasting impact.

Be smart.

Use thousands of years of evolution to your advantage. Your brain is hardwired to understand, respond to, and remember stories.
Diamond. Shine like a diamond with your story.

Be brilliant.

Go from slides, spreadsheets, and executive summaries to interactive, engaging and memorable stories.
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Take CTRL+V to the next level. Connect any type of media to our storytelling software to create a unique story for your customers.
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Keep all your marketing materials at your fingertips in a single library. Share, use, or re-use anything. Or go bananas and customize.
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Turn any space or screen into a storytelling canvas. Deliver an unforgettable interactive experience.

A jaw-droppingly good customer experience.

Transform how you talk to your customers. Anywhere. Anytime. Using any device. Offer an experience so good it will leave your customers craving more. Take visual storytelling to the next level.

Icon of two office towers, visualizing that you can use Hyro at the office.

At the office.

Use Hyro to power all sorts of hardware setups at your work place. Whether it's a 360-degree projection dome, an immersive room, or the screens you already have. Anything goes.
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Icon of a truck, visualizing that you can use Hyro on the move..

On the move.

Pop-up storytelling in a box that you can use anywhere. At a customer site. At a marketing event. We can even put it on wheels so you can take it on tour.
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Icon of desktop, tablet and mobile, visualizing that you can use Hyro from any device.

From any device.

Can't make it to the meeting? No worries, use your personal device to join remotely. No one will notice if you're wearing sweatpants – and we won’t tell.
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3D render that shows four layer that visualize that you can use Hyro Storytelling Software at any location, whenever you want
What customers say

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

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"We wanted our customers to experience digital transformation, to synthesizing the complex and making them part of a real story. We use Hyro in our Holosuite, which would allow us to easily create content ourselves and help us create new scenarios easily. The experience offers a completely new way of storytelling; a 360° interactive screen, onto which you can showcase stories. Visitors are fully surrounded in the environment of the customer scenario, letting them experience scenarios in a completely unique way."

Joris Haverkort

Director Experience Center, Microsoft
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"Until recently, I would tell our story with the help of simple videos and normal presentations. We realised, however, that we had trouble getting our message across to our customers. That's why we decided to make a U-turn and introduce a complete new way of presenting. The Immersive Experience makes complex stories easy to understand and enables a “hands-on experience” with our software. Ultimately, a custom-tailored experience can be created by everyone in a few clicks. This experience transforms the way we engage with our customers."

Mark Raben

Chief Technology Officer MEE, SAP
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"The experience center gives us the opportunity to inspire colleagues, customers and partners in an inventive and interactive way. Everyone who walks into the room and attends a presentation is always amazed and surprised at what they have experienced"

Angela de Jong

Internal Branding, Interpolis
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TRUSTED BY HAPPY Customers worldwide

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